For over three years,the DLCC and the Banned Aid Coalition have called the dog fancy to arms over the issue of BSL.The response has been incredible ,but it is not enough.

Our message has fallen on many deaf ears.

For those of you that do not understand the sheer immensity of this nightmare,the area of the ban is THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF TEXAS.No banned breeds or "pit bulls" are allowed to travel in or through this province.In a few years,these breeds will be EXTINCT.Show dogs can still be shown but only if they are leashed and muzzled offsite.And then only for a few days WITH PERMISSION.

You might think that the banning of three pure bred breeds and the "pit bull" in the province of Ontario Canada wont affect American dog owners.But it will.

Dog owners rights in North America are now more than ever,at risk.


The reversal by the Court of Appeals ruling were deemed constitutional by using USA case law.

The case Ontario built to prove the ban was a "safety" issue was based largely on the testimonies of a Toledo dog catcher and a self acknowledged American "researcher " whose only claim to fame are un- peer reviewed papers on robotic dogs.

It was the US media based reporting that provided the evidentiary basis to prove that " pit bulls" are dangerous.These reports were compiled by an American.

If left unchallenged,the recent Court of Appeals ruling will not only pave the way for national BSL but it will give it a map right into the USA.

At this time we owe the legal firm handling the case over 50,000.00.To continue to Canada's highest and final court of law,the Supreme Court of Canada,we need to pay off this outstanding debt.If we fail ,the case is dead.

BSL will stand in Ontario, it will become CASE LAW and as such can be used in court both in Canada and the USA.

Just as the American experience has negatively affected our case,so shall our case affect every American fighting BSL.

We have raised over 400,000.00 over the past two years.Are we to fail for a mere 50,000.00?

Lets take back control of the leash and send Government a warning.


Please donate today - every dollar counts- every dollar helps.

"We must all hang together, or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately." -
Benjamin Franklin

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