Payette County, Idaho

Despite not even having a leash law, Commissioners began work several months ago
on an ordinance (Prosecutor Brian Lee said the ordinance is patterned after an ordinance
in Colorado, which has withstood constitutional challenges) that would bring the
county in line with the cities of Payette and Fruitland, which both adopted ordinances concerning pit bulls.

At Monday's hearing in the district courtroom of the
Payette County Courthouse, Payette County Coroner Keith Schuller told an audience of
about 16 people that the county needed a pit bull ordinance.

Meeting March 12, 2007 10:30

Meeting Agenda Public Hearing: The purpose of the hearing is to consider an Ordinance
amending Title 5, Chapter 5, of the Payette County Code, concerning the possession of pit bulls and
other dangerous dogs: setting an effective date; establishing severability; establishing
a penalty; and allowing for publication by _________

County Clerk:
Betty J Dressen
1130 3rd Ave N. Room 104
Payette, ID 83661
Fax: (208) 642-6011
Phone: (208) 642-6000

County Commissioners
Rudy Endrikat
Larry Church
Marc Shigeta

County Prosecutor Brian Lee
Payette County Prosecutor
1130 3rd Ave North, Room #105
Payette, ID 83661
Phone: (208) 642-6096
FAX: (208) 642-6099

Quick Email List:
bdressen@payettecounty.org, rendrikat@payettecounty.org, mshigeta@payettecounty.org, lchurch@payettecounty.org